Meet Jason/Jennifer

a child of unknown sex from the U.S., of 13-28 weeks gestation (1980)

Lambda.hE1 (Jason/Jennifer)

This cell line was developed from the liver cells of a second trimester (13-28 weeks gestation) baby, killed around 1980 in the US.[1] The cell line name stands for Liver, human Embryo, culture 1.

Liver tissue was obtained from a second-trimester Caucasian fetus aborted for psychosocial indications. The fetus showed no obvious anatomical abnormalities, and there was no abnormal genetic lineage.[2]

The sex of the baby is unrecorded, although a previous chart online listed the child as a boy. The child’s cells are used in the manufacture of a number of medical drugs. Used in Procrit, Epoetin α, Epogen, Aranesp, Darbepoetin alfa.[3]